The International Standard for Professional
      Software Development and Ethical Responsibility

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Ethics Cases:
Bibliography on Computer Ethics
NSPE BER Ethics Cases Index
NSPE Ethics Reference Guide
Virginia Tech Privacy
Texas A&M Ethics Engineering


Ethics Articles:
An Evolution of Computing's Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Ethical Considerations in Software Engineering
Computer Ethics: Responsibility Regained


Ethics Courses:
Educational Institution


Course Name/Link
Duke University Wendy Robinson Ethics and the Internet
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Caroline Whitbeck Real World Ethics
Washington College of Law American University Jessica Litman The Law in Cyberspace
Washington University in St. Louis Lorrie Cranor Computers and Society
North Carolina State University Dr. Joseph R. Herkert Ethics in Engineering


Ethics Issues:
Institute for Business and Professional Ethics
Computer Ethics Resources on WWW
Computer Ethics
Science and Engineering Ethics
CCSR: Home Page
Professionalism in Computing


Other Links:
Association for Computing Machinery
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Computer and Information Science Department

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