The International Standard for Professional
      Software Development and Ethical Responsibility

Benefits of Adoption    


  • Attract Employees

    Adopting this code will attract conscientious and dedicated employees who want to be involved in an organization that produces quality software.

  • Public Concern

    Having a reputation of quality and dependability will promote an ethical image for your company. In return, this will let the public know that the corporation is working for the public good and proudly accepts that responsibility.

  • Professional Image

    Conforming to quality standards will gain respectibility for your corporation and improve the quality of software that it produces.

  • Public Trust

    Producing a quality software will inform the public that their best interests are being met with confidentiality and high standards.

  • Internal Standards

    Adopting this code will improve communications between management and their colleagues. Software engineers shall make these practices a lifelong practice and produce quality products that will reflect in every aspect of their professional life.


This page was developed by the Software Engineering Professional Ethics Project (SEPEP) and is supported by the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society. It is also sponsored by the Software Engineering Ethics and Research Institute (SEERI) and Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR).