The International Standard for Professional
      Software Development and Ethical Responsibility

The Software Engineering Code of Ethics has been adopted by many organizations as a standard of practice. These organizations have incorporated it into their training or made it a standard for employment and performance reviews.

Recent Adopters Include

  • Independent Computer Consultants Association
  • LYH Quality Management Consulting Co.,Ltd
  • e.fficiency
  • ASTI Shanghai
  • Raytheon Company

This site will educate you about

  • How various organizations have incorporated the code into their best practices.
  • Who has adopted the code and how they use it.
  • How your organization can adopt the code and display the code logo.

This page was developed by the Software Engineering Professional Ethics Project (SEPEP) and is supported by the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society. It is also sponsored by the Software Engineering Ethics and Research Institute (SEERI) and Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR).