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PSP (Personal Software Process) Studio

Visual PopGen (Population Genetics Simulator)

This state-of-the-art software project estimation and analysis tool gives project managers insight into the size, effort, and schedule of their software development project. This tool is unique in that it combines the well-known Function Point and COCOMO models as well as a Rayleigh model of staff buildup proposed by Lawrence Putnam. These three models can be used independently or work together. With COSMOS, users can gain an understanding of changes in project requirements and resources that impact the project's size, effort, and schedule. Furthermore, COSMOS is ideal for helping educators provide students with insight into how the function point and COCOMO models work. Have you heard of the Personal Software Process (sm)? It is often abbreviated as PSP (sm). Have you investigated further to find if the PSP helps software engineers achieve higher productivity, better estimates, fewer defects, and continued improvement? Have you tried the PSP to see if it does all that? Or have you come to the conclusion that the amount of paperwork and calculations does not make the PSP feasible in your particular development environment? The Visual Popgen software package was built by the Spring 1999 Software Engineering 2 class at East Tennessee State University. It is designed for students and teachers in the Biological Sciences. This program calculates the sequential effects of genetic drift, inbreeding, selection, gene flow, and mutation upon the proportion of a population’s gene pool comprised of the second of two alleles