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Welcome to the Ethical Simulator. Here you will navigate through a storyline, making decisions that will determine how the simulation proceeds. The idea behind the Simulator is to put you into an ethical situation and to have you think about the correct ethical decision to make. While there is no one right answer please consider the possibilities and see what outcome you can achieve.

When the Ethical Simulator begins you will automatically be assigned either a male or female persona. Please attempt to complete the simulator thinking in the mindset of your assigned persona. To navigate through the storyline simply read the story and click on the
hyperlink representing the decision that you have made. The Ethical Simulator contains a number of features designed to help and
enhance your experience. These features include a copy of the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and a
choice that leaves the decision up to someone else. As for help the Ethical Simulator contains the Ethical Computer,
the Shoulder Angel & Shoulder Devil
, and the Ethical Helper. Each feature can be activated by clicking on the appropriate button or hyperlink. For more information on the features of the Ethical Simulator click on the About button once the simulation has begun.

Begin the simulation